The songwriting credit B. Kennedy has long been a mystery on the New Zealand Trading Company album - until now. This letter to Chris Bourke solves the mystery: 

"My Name is Barry Kennedy. I was a dancer in the Original My Fair Lady co to tour NZ.
The leading lady was Patricia Moore ( Eliza ), Maurice Moore's wife.
Maurice and I became the best of friends and after the NZ tour were at a party one night and I told him I had booked to sail to the UK. Surprisingly he replied 'I'll come too'.

"Fast forward. Maurice got a job in the Bahamas. I worked in The Windmill Theatre in London. We were always writing songs together and that's where we started . Eventually I joined Maurice to write original songs for the band. Thomas was a brilliant composer and musician.

"We hung out a lot. One song in particular 'Little Old man' may have been recorded by him at some time but I am not sure.

"Jorge Casas has a copy of the NZTC singing that song I believe. I was with he and Maurice a few weeks back in London. Jorge has lots of history as does Maurice. It was a magic time and a great honour to be with Thomas and the band. We toured across American - I cant remember how many times."