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aka Surgical Brain Implant
Michael Canning
3 Dec 2017

?Fog formed in Auckland in 1983 and their sound was like a full-on rhythmic attack with nifty guitar riffs, a groove-laden bottom end with at times absurdist to cutting sociopolitical critiques from their different vocalists. They played around maybe 50 gigs from 1983 to 1988 and had several different iterations of the band and its name. Their raison d'être seemed at times a mission of sending up of things, possibly anti-success, anti-music, certainly anarchic, and may be even anti-art in the Dada tradition.

?Fog were true psychedelic pranksters. They released only two records and sometime around 1989 mutated into the sample-laden and even more surreal Sperm Bank Five.

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Hero thumb 12 robert inner slv w. craccum review 1985
Robert inner sleeve w/ ?Fog review from Craccum (1985).
Hero thumb 02 lindsay fog   shock horror
Lindsay Fog (circa 1984).
Hero thumb 03 p. henneveld   gnasher
Peter Henneveld (circa 1984).
Hero thumb 07 hamish and article  studied squalor  1987
Hamish with newspaper article on 'studied squalor', which was how someone described the Red House (circa 1987).
Hero thumb 01 the mekon from fogden   roger fogorelli 1987
Roger Allen as the Mekon (circa 1987).
Hero thumb 08 fatman wabd 7  cover
Fatman With A Big Dork 7" cover.
Hero thumb 11 roger fog 1984
Roger Fog (circa 1984/1985)
Hero thumb 05 sam swan   wgtn march 1984
Sam Swan at the Terminus (24.3.84).
Hero thumb sb5   red house 1990. stuart page   akld library low res   copyright md
Red House residents. - Photo by Stuart Page
Hero thumb 06  fog poster  dunedin aug 1985
?Fog poster for performance at Chippendale House, Dunedin (1985).
Hero thumb 10 robert logo 1985
Robert the Record logo (1985)
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