Darcy Clay Profile

aka Daniel Bolton
Josef Shaw
31 Jul 2013

The looks on some of the faces in the room said it all. Trevor Reekie, owner of Antenna Recordings, had just pushed play on a home recording he believed to be a contender for the Top 20, and an unhealthy percentage of his audience were struggling to see how it could be framed to work for them.

The sound that poured from the speakers was cut from a far more ragged cloth than the EMI staff were used to, but their reservations were outweighed by the assurances that Darcy Clay’s makeshift assault on the New Zealand Singles Chart was bound to succeed.

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Jesus I Was Evil
Darcy Clay at bFM Private Function, 29 Nov 1997, Old City Markets.
Darcy Clay's handwritten lyrics to Jesus I Was Evil
Interview with Darcy Clay as manager Wad Channing
Darcy Clay in a publicity shot for APRA
NZ Musician, August 1997
Daniel Bolton aka Darcy Clay

The David Gunson directed video for Jesus I Was Evil cost $250 and was filmed on a Handycam

Dave Dobbyn and Ian Morris recorded an unreleased tribute called 'Darcy Clay' in 1998